Felix Günther




TLS Crypto Seminar (Winter 2019 Quarter @ UCSD)

Jan 14 – Mar 15, 2019
DatesThursday 1:00–2:30pm
RoomCSE 4217
TypeSeminar (informal)


This seminar is a partial-lecture, partial–reading-group endeavor to learn about the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol crypto. It encompasses two parts:

  1. TLS <= 1.2: In the first part, I will provide a general introduction to the TLS protocol and background on the cryptographic definitions (for key exchange and secure channels) involved. We will then read three papers on analyses and attacks on TLS, diving deeper into the protocol and understanding some of the many security weaknesses in versions up to 1.2.
  2. TLS 1.3: For the second part, we will look into the new and completely overhauled TLS version 1.3 standardized in August 2018. I will again provide an introduction, including insights from within the 4-year standardization process, and discuss some provable-security analysis results I was involved in. We will then read three further papers, learning about different analysis approaches (esp. formal methods) and discussing how TLS 1.3 overcomes previous design flaws and what might be newly introduced attack vectors.
The latter part will lead us to the "research frontier" in the area, as TLS 1.3 still demands further understanding, e.g., in terms of security models or underlying cryptographic assumptions, but also regarding more secure constructions or future designs of quantum-secure components.


DateTopicPresented by
Jan 10 no seminar (RWC 2019) -
TLS <= 1.2
Jan 17 TLS introduction [TLS1.2] & cryptographic backround [BR93,BKN02] (ca. 90min) Felix [slides]
Jan 24 Lucky 13 [AP13] Nicholas
Jan 31 no seminar -
Feb 7 The ACCE model [JKSS12,KPW13] Joseph [slides] [handout]
Feb 14 Logjam [ABD+15] Mark [slides]
TLS 1.3
Feb 21 The road to TLS 1.3 [TLS1.3] & provable-security analyses [FG17,GM17] (ca. 90min) Felix [slides]
Feb 28 Multiplexing channels [PS18] Vivek [slides]
Mar 7 Symbolic Tamarin analysis [CHH+17] Baiyu [slides]
Mar 14 Downgrade resilience [BBF+16] Ruth [slides] [handout]


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[TLS1.2] Tim Dierks and Eric Rescorla. The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.2. RFC 5246 (Proposed Standard), August 2008
[TLS1.3] Eric Rescorla. The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Version 1.3. RFC 8446 (Proposed Standard), August 2018

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